How do I prepare for the NDA written Exam? How can I crack NDA written exam?

How do I prepare for the NDA exam?
How do I prepare for the NDA written Exam? How can I crack NDA written exam?

The First and Foremost thing you should understand is that NDA written Exam is VERY EASY to clear if you plan for it properly. You might have come across “NDA written is very TOUGH to crack” “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea“, etc

NDA Written Exam:

The basic requirement for NDA is knowing what to study as the syllabus is pretty extensive and try to avoid unnecessary burden by studying from many different sources.

The NDA Examination:

  • The exam will be conducted through pen and paper based mode.
  • The exam will consist of two sections that are Mathematics and General Ability Test.
  • Two and half hours will be given for each section respectively.
  • The questions will be in English & Hindi.
  • There will be negative marking which is 1/3rd of the allotted marks to the question.

NDA Written Exam Syllabus and Marks distribution:

  • Paper-1 Mathematics (Code No. 01) :
    • The paper of mathematics consists of 120 questions. 
    • Maximum marks for this section is 300.
    • 2.5 marks is allotted to each question with a deduction of 0.833 for wrong answer.
    • You have 150 minutes for 120 questions so you have to be quick along with being accurate.
  • Paper-II General Ability Test (Code No. 02) :
    • The second section is of 600 marks.
    • It has a total of 150 questions with each weighing 4 marks with a penalty of 1.33 for wrong answer.
    • This section is further divided into two parts-

Part A English:

This part has 50 questions for 200 marks.

Part B General Knowledge :

This part has 100 questions for 400 marks.

  • General Knowledge has six sections with the break-up of 400 marks as below:
    • Section for Physics 100 marks.
    • Section for Chemistry 60 marks.
    • Section for General Science 40 marks.
    • Section for History, Freedom Movement (Social Studies) 80 marks.
    • Section for Geography 80 marks.
    • Section for Current Events 40 marks.

The Syllabus for NDA Exam :

Mathematics: Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry – 2D and 3D, Differential Calculus, Integral calculus and Differential equations, Vector algebra, Statistics and Probability.

The syllabus for mathematics is covered in NCERT books of 10th ,11th and 12th. There is no need to buy any fancy books as questions asked in NDA written exam are pretty standard.

Crack NDA Written Exam Tips and Tricks :

  • Sectional cutoff : One needs minimum of 20 % in both the sections of written examination which means a minimum of 60 marks in maths and 120 marks in general ability.
  • Overall cutt off: The overall cutoff has been varying from 300 – 240. Scoring 320+ ensures a good chance not only in written but for overall merit list.
  • Build timelines: Study with time goals this ensures timely completion of syllabus and ample time for mock.
  • Mock tests and Previous year papers: This is the most important part of the preparation and one should take the test to check if they are able to manage the time and self assessment to work on weaker sections. Questions from previous years are repeatedly asked and provide you with a fair idea of examination.

Preparing for MATHS

So let’s begin with maths. In NDA the level of question is not that tough in comparison with other exams like jee so practice matters for preparation of it.

  • One should first complete his is 11th and 12th syllabus by State board or CBSE board then he should begin with Rs agrawal.
  • Rs Aggarwal is most sufficient book for NDA written exam preparations.
  • If a person finished rs Agrawal and given 5 to 10 mock test then he can easily get more than 200 marks in maths.
  • When I had given NDA examination I had completed 50% of it but then also I was able to secure 120 marks. 

For maths preparation one should do you only two things first rs Agrawal and second mock test.

Preparing for English

English comprise of 200 marks. It totally depends on a person’s command for English language.

  • Which can be improved by reading novels,newspaper,other things. But for preparing within 1 month this way is not helpful.
  • Emphasize should be given on learning grammar and solving previous year questions.
  • Grammar is important for solving spotting the error questions which can come for 40 marks.
  • So for English I recommend only two things first grammar and second previous year questions which is sufficient to score more than 120 marks if your English is little bit ok.

Preparing for Paper Science

In science there are three subjects physics, chemistry, biology in which physics is more scoring it can come for 80 to 100 marks.

  • The questions are very basic which come from 11th and 12th syllabus mostly no numericals are asked.
  • If if one had studied 11th and 12th physics no preparation is needed for NDA written exam .
  • Only you should solve previous year questions. Giving my example I have not study physics completely but then also so I was able to score more than 50 marks.
  • Next is chemistry it come for or 40 to 50 marks.
  • Chemistry also comes from 11th and 12th syllabus.
  • As I have not studied chemistry completely I have only studied the portion from which maximum question is asked.
  • One should Do previous year question for chemistry.
  • Next is biology which comes for 30 to 40 marks.
  • In previous year question I have seen that some questions always come from 8th 9th 10th books.
  • I can recommend that a person should do previous year questions and learn the topic from which a question appears many times.

NDA written exam Preparing for Social Science:

Social Science which comes for 200 marks.

  • This section is little bit unpredictable. but in this polity section is very should do past year questions according to which one should study the topic from which maximum question comes and which suits to them.
  • The current affairs one should purchase 6 months current affairs book published by various publishers. This section is little bit less scoring.
  • So in nutshell one should do to mock test or previous year papers.
  • Solving paper is a most important thing in my perspective one should give minimum 5 to 6 mock test.
  • So the books which I recommend are 11th and 12th maths physics chemistry books, rs Aggarwal Arihant previous year questions,Arihant 10 practice set, wren and Martin English book.

What are the top 5 tips to clear the NDA written exam?

  • Divide time carefully
  • Don’t focus too much on one paper it topic
  • Di previous year question papers
  • And figure out important topics in maths and focus on them only.
  • For general science follow arihant Pathfinder (but as we don’t have much time, ENGLISH should be main focus)

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