SSB Interview Tips – How To Prepare For SSB Interviews ?

SSB Interview Tips – How To Prepare For SSB Interviews?
SSB Interview Tips – How To Prepare For SSB Interviews?

SSB Interview Tips : Joining The Defence Services of India

  • Miracles do happen, but they require 99% perseverance and 1% divine intervention!.
  • Likewise mental preparation is 99% and physical preparation just 1%,
  • Like they say in the Army, it’s all in the mind!
  • Firstly be sure about your motives for joining the defence services of India

Underline India because we are a cut above and apart from the rest. No disrespect intended or implied to the defence personnel of other countries – just ask members of those units across the World which have preserved in their regimental history a record of the time they had to face the cold steel in the hands of an Indian soldier!

Career In The Defence Services :

So I was saying, first jot down the reasons why you want to make a career in the defence services. Once you have that done, closely check if you have anywhere mentioned that you want to join the defence services because you want to serve the nation and even lay down your life for it, if need be.

Should you find this reason anywhere, even at the bottom of your list, forget about ever succeeding in donning the proud uniform of an Indian Army / Navy / Air Force Officer. The selectors at SSB are extremely allergic to people afflicted by the martyrs syndrome. We don’t want people with suicidal tendencies to jeopardize the mission or put lives of their team members at risk.

The physical part you must do on an athletic track. Forget the indoor gym. Soldiers care two hoots for six pack abs types. We don’t want them – too narcissist to be of any use to the team.

Let’s now take on the part about mental preparation.


Just ignore these. However even the opposite may not be true. Use your brains!

SSB Interview Tips
  • SSB are looking for exceptional / super human beings.
  • Academic brilliance will guarantee success.
  • Good English is a passport to success in SSB.
  • Physical endurance and stamina has to be exceptional.
  • Formal SSB training is a must.
  • All responses should convey positive outcome.
  • In psychological testing all stories should end in honour / award for the hero.
  • In GTO testing one must outsmart other members of the group.
  • In the interview one should impress the Interviewing Officer at any cost.
  • SSB involves proving yourself to be better than others in all tests.
  • If you fail once you cannot make it again.


  • Gain control over Non-verbal Language
  • The Gait
  • The Handshake
  • Sitting Posture
  • Gestures / Erratic body movement
  • Body Posture
  • Facial Expressions
  • Eye Contact and not starring
  • Head Nods
  • Modulation of Speech
  • Use of Smile
  • Dryness of the mouth


  • Following Officer-like-Qualities need to be developed :-
    • Bearing and Turn Out
    • Alertness
    • Decisiveness
    • Courage
    • Endurance
    • Humaneness
    • Sense of Humor
    • Initiative
    • Integrity
    • Intelligence
    • Loyalty
    • Sympathy
    • Unselfishness
    • Trainability


  • The aspects are divisible into four factors as listed below:
    • Factor –I
      • Planning and Organizing Ability
      • Effective Intelligence
      • Reasoning Ability
      • Organizing Ability
      • Power of Expression
    • Factor-II
      • Social Adjustment
      • Social Adaptability
      • Cooperation
      • Sense of Responsibility
    • Factor-III
      • Social Effectiveness
      • Initiative
      • Self Confidence
      • Speed of Decision Making
      • Ability to Influence the Group
      • Liveliness
    • Factor-IV
      • Dynamic
      • Determination
      • Courage
      • Stamina


  • This technique is based on the theory of free association.
  • The Interviewing Officer assesses the eligibility of the candidate to become an average officer.

SSB Personal Interview Technique

  • Keep abreast of all that is happening around you.
  • When you discuss any topic or express your views,
  • you should have logical reasoning to Support your views.
  • Be clear, original & fluent in expression.
  • Be properly dressed.
  • Do not be gloomy and be cheerful.
  • Listen to the questions carefully and do not answer in a hurry.
  • If you have not followed a question, ask for the clarification politely.
  • Do not bluff.
  • Do not upset or lose your temper but be courageous.
  • Never show rigidity of views but be candid.
  • Do not blame government / organization / institution or a teacher for your shortcomings. Accept them gracefully.


Based on a principle called “Gestalt Principle”. Ground Testing Officer assesses the complete group as a form and he assesses the level of each individual in the group through a battery of tests. Some tasks are group tasks and others are individual. There are a total of nine such tasks.


  • Firstly the GTO gives two subjects to the group and the group is asked to discuss one subject.
  • In second phase the GTO gives them one subject from his side.
    • The subject is also discussed for about 15-20 minutes.
    • In group discussion, the GTO assesses
    • The candidate’s power of expression (not necessarily English)
    • His manner of speech
    • His awareness of topic
    • His ability to put across reasons in support of his views.
    • His ability in grasping details, facts and figures.
    • Is he respective to other’s views in regard to his views?
    • Whether a candidate gives up or succumbs under opposition to others when he knows he is right?
    • Whether he encourages others, specially weaker candidates to speak.


  • To find out candidates’ ability to solve day-to-day problems in which certain amount of risk is also involved and also to assess his general awareness;
  • To gauge if candidate is able to understand and muster available and imaginary resources, which are practical;
  • To assess if candidate is able to function effectively in a group.


  • Do not try to do it serially.
  • Plan your course in such a manner that you do all the ten obstacles moving from easy to difficult.
  • Show urgency and a sense of purpose in your effort.
  • Do not hesitate on heights or pits.

SSB Interview Tips GROUP TASKS :

  • Progressive Group Task,
  • Group Obstacle Race : The rationale
    • Is the candidate able to function in the group as an effective member?
    • Is he endowed with enough intelligence and practical imagination to be an effective member of the group?
    • Is he receptive to others ideas and also able to give his own ideas?
    • Is he reluctant to soil his hands?
    • Is he a hardworking individual?
    • Is he an arm chair planner? Or both a good planner and a person, who can implement his ideas?
    • Is he in the area of activity or away from it?
    • Is he rigidly obstinate or flexible and amenable and receptive person, so that there is progress in the efforts of the group?
    • Is he aware of the rules? Does he realize when he breaks rules and does he rectify the mistakes?
    • Does he restrain his cool and composure even under stress/pressure?
    • Is he scared to take risks? But on the other hand is he foolhardy ?
    • Is he physically tough?
    • Is his work based on practical imagination?

SSB Interview Tips: COMMAND TASK

Understand the task thoroughly, when the GTO explains it. Ask for clarification, if some features are not clear, but do not request repetition of rules, which he would have explained earlier. This will only reveal the fact that you are incapable of remembering simple instructions/comprehension.

Before you begin the task, explain the task and rules to your subordinates briefly. After the task, when they are to go, thank them.

The helping material should be related to the structures and must be utilized for the same.

Choose your subordinate not because you travel together or he is your country cousin but be discriminate. Further, you may like to have a suitably hard working fellow. But avoid the rigid die-hard persons, who may question you.

Be conscious and do not allow anyone to break the rules.

A good commander is one, who will work along with his subordinates if required.

Treat your subordinates with politeness and if somebody has done a good job encourage him.

If you get stuck due to some reasons, do not ask suggestions from your subordinates and work out the solutions yourself.

Some times, the GTO may do away with some resources or helping material or certain structures. This is only to pressurize you. So do not get nervous and be cool and find a workable solution.

Endeavor should be to complete the task. But do not worry, if you could not complete the task because it may also be due to the fact that the gto has put impediments in your way.

So, when he asks later, explain clearly, as to what you had planned to do. Never blame your subordinates for your inability to complete the task.


  • Element of Evaluation
    • The general knowledge / awareness of the candidate and the subject matter.
    • The power of expression and delivery.
    • Confidence of the candidate.
    • Time plan.
    • Never resort to mannerisms and notes.
    • Never try to put on an artificial accent.
    • Stand erect in a balanced manner. Even the way you stand and face the group suggests something of your personality and demeanor.
    • Do not give wrong facts and figures.
    • Do not overshoot the time given and do not give up before time.


  • Read a Guide
    • Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT).
    • Word Association Test (WAT).
    • Situation reaction test (SRT).
    • Self description (SD).


  • Read a Guide


    • Familiarity with the system
    • Knowledge of sequence
    • Practice in OIR testing
    • Feel of group dynamics
    • Building of confidence
    • Practice in group- discussion
    • Loss of spontaneity
    • Lack of originality
    • Preconceived ideas
    • Danger of over confidence
    • Incorrect/outdated inputs can be dangerous

How should I prepare for the SSB of NDA ? SSB Interview Tips

As you would have always cleared the written and have gone through the academics portion.

  • Maintain a positive attitude and full enthusiasm towards the task provided to you.
  • Being a young lad , you should never lose hope in any situation and never give up and most prominently don’t compromise with your difficulties.
  • Be truthful and honest , but not too much as sometime you need not be truthful.
  • Believe that everyone has a weaker part in his/her personality, so be brave to accept it and discuss about it.
  • Being a SSB aspirant not much co-curricular activities and hobbies are expected from you , so don’t try to fool around with writing some false hobbies because somehow or the other those experienced assessors will catch you .
  • Maintain a good relationship with your fellow candidates, your views and background may differ but it should not result in any type of fight.
  • Always during the group discussion , if you have valid point then be smart to speak at right time. Always in GD there will be many gaps of silence , and you should be prompt enough to start speaking at that time.

Even if you are weak in english , then also don’t hesitate to speak in english and always be sure to mention it in your weakness.

  • Rest believe in yourself , go through the general events, and know about army .
  • Even if you are not recommended ,always remember that no one fails in SSB.
  • SSB teaches alot of things and be smart and attentive enough to live and learn the LIFE OF A SSB CADET.

Facing SSB Interviews Confidently: 

Here are some tips to keep your cool during the SSB Interview Tips and dos and don’ts of it:

  • Identify your strengths
    • Some of the core traits to consider are: Leadership skills, team work, communication skills, initiative and creativity, organisational ability and a positive attitude.
  • Wear clothes that are neat and comfortable
    • According to research, interviewers are influenced by 70% of body language and image, 20% of tone of voice and 10% of what you say.
  • Remember to speak clearly with proper intonation, sound enthusiastic and above all, be natural and relaxed.
  • Maintain eye contact and an alert position: sit up straight, don’t slump.
  • Always try to adopt an open, honest and confident attitude.
  • Always adopt a professional and officer-like manner, be honest, listen intently and use strong positive language.
  • Do not rush your answers.
  • Pause before speaking, as this avoids reacting instinctively and saying the wrong things. Remember T-BUS: Think Before You Speak.
  • Do not get too deep into your personal life and avoid being sentimental.
  • If you don’t know something, say it clear and loud.
  • Give the interviewer your full attention, wait for them to finish speaking before you answer or ask questions.
  • Remember: Be enthusiastic. Speak with clarity and confidence.
  • Speak slower than normal and vary your tone and dynamics a little.
  • Let you voice show your enthusiasm and keenness.
  • Remember to speak clearly in a controlled range of tones. Avoid a monotone.
  • Relax! A smile is the most positive signal you can give, as it reaffirms your enthusiasm and good nature.

Cracking SSB is not an easy job. SSBs aren’t just the toughest interviews of the country for name sake. Finally, with these tips and interview being and important part of SSBs, I hope many will clear the SSBs and make it to the forces.

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